Services, Providers and Rates

Services Offered through Employment Services Organizations and Centers for Independent Living are excellent resources.

Vocational Services

There are over 85 community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) throughout the state of Virginia who have vendor relationships with the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) to provide an array of employment related services. The organizations, known by DRS as Employment Services Organizations (ESOs), operate primarily for the purpose of providing employment and vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. Such services may be provided singly or in combination with other rehabilitation services. The ESOs report an average daily attendance of 8,000 persons with close to 12,000 persons served annually. Click here to review services offered by Employment Services Organizations across Virginia.

Independent Living Services

DRS also recognizes that deficits in non-vocational areas of life may adversely affect an individuals’ ability to gain and/or maintain employment. A service category identified as Independent Living Services (ILS) is designed to provide support and assistance for individuals with disabilities who require services to establish DRS eligibility, assess rehabilitation and career needs, or achieve an employment goal. DRS contracts with 16 Centers for Independent Living and 15 ILS Employment Services Organizations across Virginia that provides these services.

Independent Living Services involve the provision of one-to-one or group education and training in areas that assist and individual to live and participate as independently and effectively as possible in home, work, and community settings of choice. Specific services may include education, training, assessment and instruction related to use of assistive technology, development and implementation of strategies and techniques that allow an individual to live and participate successfully in the community, i.e., household and financial management, personal care/hygiene, coping and social skills, use of transportation. Services are intended to be provided on a short-term basis, with services gradually decreasing, as the individual becomes more independent in carrying out the specific tasks or activities.


Approved Employment Service Organizations Rates can be found through the ESO Interactive Directory under the chosen ESO Information. Just select the ESO you would like to find rates for, click Info, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the current and future rates (if available).

Other Goods and Services by Region

DRS has other approved vendors in addition to ESOs and CILs who have other approved services, the following links, by region, will take you to rate sheets for those vendors. The following links will open documents in Microsoft Word format.


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